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Welcome to Prep Academy Tutors of Calgary Christie!

Owner of Prep Academy Tutors of Calgary

Prep Academy Tutors is happy to announce our new partner, Christie Martin. Christie will be bringing premium in-home tutors to families in Calgary, AB.

Christie has always had a keen interest in children’s education. She spent many years working as a tutor to young students while completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Bachelor of Laws. After practicing corporate law for 12 years, Christie is excited to return to her first passion by bringing highly qualified, exceptional tutors into Calgary families’ homes to deliver personalized teaching in all subjects.

Prep Academy’s emphasis on tutoring conducted by professional teachers ensures the highest quality of one-on-one instruction, which Christie believes is an excellent complement to formal schooling. Having three young children of her own has shown her how individualized learning in the comfort of a student’s home can quickly build the confidence and skills necessary to thrive inside and outside the classroom.

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Contact Christie today to learn more about our services.